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Why SHIT can be the Next Big Thing in the cryptocurrency industry?

Everybody wants to know the next big thing in the cryptocurrency industry.

Hiroshi started Shitcoin as a Real Life Based Cryptocurrency Token.

SHIT is already Number 1 in many items.

You can read about these items in the bellow link:

We are Number 1

What are the most important reasons that Shitcoin can be the Next Big Thing in the cryptocurrency industry?

  • It is based on the Real Life Story of Hiroshi Nakamoto
  • SHIT is inspired by Hope for the Better Future
  • Shitcoin is people’s coin because it has the holistic concept of life with all of its ups and downs at its heart. Life is full of hardships, sufferings and difficult challenges alongside with Hope, Dream and Happiness. Hiroshi experienced these things like so many people all around the world and we can feel these concepts in SHIT too.
  • ShitcoinCommunity is an advocate of Social Responsibilities especially racial and gender Equality.
  • SHIT Is Not For Pump And Dump. It is not about the fast money making for team members of the project, it has the Ultimate Vision of Better Future for all by building Decentralized Free Societies in Decentralized Free World.
  • SHIT is bigger than profit, it is the Cult.

History is full of lessons, it shows us 3 major points:

  1. We don’t know what is going to happen in the future exactly
  2. Everything is possible even the impossible!
  3. Sometimes we can guess what will happen in the future by following signs, relating and comparing them to similar events in the past.

Who knows what will happen in the future but with this kind of Integrity, Consistency and Determination which is seen in the ShitcoinCommunity, SHIT can be the Next Big Thing in cryptocurrency industry.

When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.

Howard Schultz