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As you might know Shitcoin is created to be the Number 1 Meme Coin in the cryptocurrency industry.

We are working day and night to achieve Hiroshi’s Visions for SHIT.

In this post we are going to review the items that SHIT is already number 1 in them.

What are the most important items that SHIT is number 1 in?

  • Shitcoin is the first Hope oriented cryptocurrency token.
  • Shitcoin is the first cryptocurrency token that is based on the Real Life Story.
  • SHIT is the first cryptocurrency Meme Coin that its Community is an advocate of social responsibilities specially racial and gender Equality.
  • Shitcoin is the first cryptocurrency Meme Coin that is planned to develop with consistent speed, it is developing step by step in the careful manner that is in contradiction with the fast pump and dump strategy that many project using.
  • It is the first Meme Coin project that is pursuing Bitcoin‘s Mission which is building totally Decentralized Free Societies in the upcoming Decentralized Free World.
  • Shitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that is include and promote fundamental concepts like Freedom, Dream, Hard Work and Optimism.
  • Shitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that its creator have the courage to named it SHIT. (What a brave guy!)
  • SHIT is the first cryptocurrency token that People can feel its concept and origin, there are many people all around the world that experienced lots of unpredictable disasters and harmful events in their lives. People that are suffering physically, mentally and financially every day.

This is not the end of the list, this is just the beginning of the long journey through the Ultimate Mission.

There are so many Number 1 titles but the most important title for us is becoming Number 1 Cryptocurrency Meme Coin not only on BNB Chain but also in the cryptocurrency industry.

Shitcoin Is People’s Coin. Together we can do anything and nothing is impossible.

ShitcoinCommunity is strong, it is united for the Better Future full of Equality, Hope and Respect.

We are strongly believe in Consistency, Determination and Hard Work and we will going forward Step By Step until SHIT reach the Number 1 Meme Coin title in the cryptocurrency industry.