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Shitcoin as an advocate of Equality

If we look deeply in to the society we will find out that not only people are struggle with personal bad experiences like bankruptcy, physical disabilities and relationship issues but also with massive inequalities on a daily basis.

Shitcoin is Hope oriented cryptocurrency token.

It was born out of the real life story of Hiroshi’s personal disastrous life therefore focusing on Hope concept seems reasonable as Shitcoin’s initial prospect.

But as Shitcoin project developed, ShitcoinCommunity noticed the need to pay more attention to social responsibilities and try to incorporate them in to the project goals.

Equality is one the most important concepts that ShitcoinCommunity must pay serious attention to it at Shitcoin’s project as the people’s coin for its Mission to unite people for the better future in decentralized free societies.

Now let’s take a look at the meaning of Equality and its corresponding categories.

What is the meaning of Equality?

Simply Equality is about being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.

What are the Equality categories?

  • Natural Equality

All human beings must considered worthy of enjoying all human rights and freedoms despite their physical and psychological traits.

  • Social Equality
  1. Absence of special privileges for anyone
  2. Prohibition of discrimination against any one on the basis of caste, colour, creed, religion, sex and place of birth
  3. Free access to public places
  4. Equality of opportunity for all people
  • Civil Equality

All the people are to be treated equal before Law.

  • Economic Equality

Fair and adequate opportunities to all for work and for earning of their livelihoods. 

  • Legal Equality

Equal subjection of all to the same legal code and equal opportunity for all to secure legal protection of their rights and freedom. 

What are the most common inequalities in today’s societies?

We can see lots of inequalities on a daily basis.

It seems look like the most important ones are racial and gender discrimination.

These type of discriminations can be seen in different sectors mostly on wages and education.

Inequality is ugly and faulty. It is like an error in the system.

Hiroshi Nakamoto

ShitcoinCommunity is absolutely against all type of inequalities.

SHIT is people’s coin. No matter what is their skin color, race, gender, religion or creed.

Inequality is both shameful and awful.

We are all humans. Let’s take care of each other.

It is so hard to experience inequality in any form.

Let love and kindness replace hatred and insult.

Shitcoin is an advocate of Equality and we say no to racism.