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This SHIT is not that shit!

SHIT is based on the real life story of Hiroshi Nakamoto.

Lots of People wonder why Hiroshi called it SHIT. This seams like very risky decision specially in the cryptocurrency industry.

The vast majority of crypto enthusiasts think that Shitcoin means worthless crypto but guys this SHIT in not that shit!

Shitcoin is the conceptual crypto meme. It is inspired by the real life.

Shit is the daily life matter.

So what’s wrong with the name like this?!

Shitcoin is a Cult.

It is oriented by hope, equality and toughness.

Not only it is inspired by the concept of real life hardships but also by Bitcoin‘s ultimate mission witch is Free Decentralized World.

On the other hand shit is familiar! Not only it is the most familiar word around the world but also the most familiar concept.

Shit Happens for everybody.

Every single human on earth experienced shit moments in his/her life. didn’t you?!

It is daily life matter.

What’s wrong to be real?!

SHIT has the character, It Reminds you of hardships, sufferings and unfortunate events of life.

Hiroshi have the courage not only by naming a cryptocurrency token Shitcoin but also by continue his journey of life after losing love, money and health.

He named it Shitcoin because after years of hard work he saw shit all over his life!

He wants us to Don’t Give Up on anything in life.

Shit is everywhere, we live in a ruined world, but it is not the end of the story.

Everybody seems to have a mission in life. We can stick to it until the last day of our lives.

Every single person can be successful and wealthy along side with being inspirational for others.

We can move on for a better future and work harder for our dreams.

Nothing is impossible, This is not just a slogan this is a reality.

Looking at the most famous People all around the world with massive achievements we will see They all surmount many hardships. They stuck to the beautiful concept of NEVER GIVE UP and HOLD ON.

Let’s build the future instead of waiting for it to happen.

Together we can live a great life.

We can change the world and make it better place full of Equality, Hope and Respect.

Remember Bitcoin’s ultimate mission.

Yes, we can build Decentralized Free Societies.

Guys, Shitcoin is here to stay. It is both inspirational and motivational.

SHIT is the real deal!