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Why everybody Loves SHIT as a Digital Currency?

Everybody loves Shitcoin as an Honest Project.

Sometimes it seems like Shitcoin is alive, looking at SHIT’s eyes will Hypnotize People in seconds!

You can try it whenever you want!

SHIT have catching eyes! Maybe one day an Artificial Intelligence arise from it!

We as a ShitcoinCommunity pondering about why people loves Shitcoin and reached the following results:

  • Shitcoin is the most Honest Project in the cryptocurrency industry. It is based on the Real Life Story of Hiroshi Nakamoto
  • Shitcoin is about Hope for the Better Future for all
  • SHIT is not created for pump and dump and it is here to stay
  • People feel Shitcoin’s concept because it carries real events of people lives. It reminds you of hardships and sufferings along side with Toughness and Hope
  • Who cares about Social Responsibilities these days? We care about it! Shitcoin is an advocate of Equality
  • Shitcoin is a community driven cryptocurrency
  • It is very fast because of the Blockchain that is built on and it is a very good substitute for fiat money
  • Shitcoin is deflationary cryptocurrency token and not only its supply is caped at 21000000000000 tokens but also SHIT’s supply will be reduce because of the on going burn announcement
  • Shitcoin symbol (SHIT) is one of the most used words all over the world, people say and hear it many times on the daily basis
  • It is the only cryptocurrency token out there that is fun and serious at the same time

Everybody talks about Shitcoin because Everybody Loves Shitcoin!

We said it many times before, we are not the quitter and TOGETHER WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.