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Shitcoin is People’s Coin

You may be wonder why Shitcoin is called people’s coin. In this article we are going to show you why.

When Hiroshi created Shitcoin, he was aware of this fact that he is not the only one that had suffered from the different unpredictable disasters and harmful events in life, There are millions of people if not billions in the world that suffering physically, mentally or financially every day.

Sometimes world is seems like a monster.

Every mature human knows that events of our journey of life is not going to be pleasant and joyful always.

We are going to experience both pleasant and unpleasant moments in our life.

One day world seems like a beautiful plain full of joy and one day it seems like a mountain that we must get over it.

Sometimes it is playful and sometime horrible.

If we think deeply about the past events of our lives we will find out very subtle connection between them.

Steve Jobs had expressed it beautifully:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Steve Jobs

What can we do when we are in trouble or pain?

  • Be patient and positive.
  • See the glass half full.
  • Hold on and Don’t Give Up.
  • Move on for the next level.

Shitcoin born out of tough moments full of sufferings and hardships.

It is created with empty hands. It is a symbol of Hope.

Hope flourish out of darkness and unfortunate but it leads to light and fortune. We must have the courage to move on.

We as the ShitcoinCommunity strongly believe in two meaningful words:

Consistency and Determination.

We have each other in ShitcoinCommunity and we can do great things together.

Every notable victory or achievement in history happened with the help of people.

People is everything.

When people unite, magic happen.

Magic started with Bitcoin. It continued with further innovations and advanced cryptocurrency projects.

Now it is going to continue with SHIT as the concept of Hope for the better future in the decentralized world.

Shitcoin need people to accomplish its Mission. It is belong to the people and lead by them forever.

Shitcoin is people’s coin.