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Why Shitcoin is a community driven cryptocurrency?

Shitcoin is created on strong conceptual foundations such as Hope and social responsibilities especially racial and gender Equality.
There are many Meme Coins that are community driven cryptocurrencies but which one of them carries such powerful messages?

We don’t say that other Meme Coins aren’t good, we say Shitcoin is different in many ways such as:

  • Shitcoin is created on the Real Life story.
  • It is fast because of the Blockchain that is built on.
  • People like it not only because of getting rich but also because of its Hope oriented concept.
  • ShitcoinCommunity have common sense with life events of Shitcoin’s founder known as Hiroshi Nakamoto.
  • It has character and as a result you can feel it. Shitcoin is Beyond Money.
  • People like courage and they see it on Shitcoin, beginning with its symbol. Hiroshi was an honest man thus he is brave enough to use the word shit for a cryptocurrency token.
  • There is a very subtle contradiction on Shitcoin, SHIT and Hope, two sides of a coin. One side introduce hardships and difficulties, the other side introduce Hope and Success.
  • Not only it is fun but also it carries Important Message.
  • Shitcoin reminds you of unique charismatic people like Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, John Lennon, Steve Jobs because they were all driven by Dream and Hope as well as hard work. They were united people for Changing The World for the Better Future.


Concepts like Dream, Hope and Equality are infinite so it is a time for the community to spread these concepts all over the world.

Good Luck and please remember Shitcoin is going to be lead by community forever.