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Shitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency token based on the real life story of its anonymous creator so called Hiroshi Nakamoto. It is created with the desire of becoming Number 1 Meme Coin in the cryptocurrency industry.

Why Hiroshi named it SHIT?

Like so many people around the world Hiroshi experienced hard life full of losing love, money and health. He named it SHIT because after years of hard work he saw shit all over his life!

What’s so special about it?

  • Speed and cost — Shitcoin is created on and hosted by BNBChain Blockchain. As a result it boasts very fast transactions with very low transaction fees that are both essential for the widespread use of cryptocurrency.
  • Limited supply — Originally SHIT’s coin supply was capped at 21 trillion tokens and as mentioned on its WhitePaper there will be a burn announcement later in 2023.
  • Community — Shitcoin will be the community driven Meme Coin. People like it not only because of getting rich but also because of its Hope oriented concept. Hope For The Better Future In The Decentralized Free World.

What are the key difference between ShitCoin and other Meme Coins?

SHIT is Hope centric cryptocurrency token that is based on a Real Life story.

How does ShitCoin plan to create awareness and ensure mainstream adoption?

SHIT is the community driven cryptocurrency token. Hiroshi wanted Shitcoin to be the long term project instead of transient mania. Shitcoin is going to expand pace by pace and market to market until achieving its vision which is take the Number 1 place in the Meme Coin category in the cryptocurrency industry for SHIT as a BNB Chain Gem.

How can I get in to SHIT?

Simply you can swap BNB for SHIT on PancakeSwap and MetaMask Wallet.

Burned $SHIT: 9,838,989,785,652

Circulating Supply: 11,161,010,214,348

Total Supply: 11,161,010,214,348

Shitcoin (SHIT) BNB Chain BEP-20 Contract Address:


Shitcoin (SHIT) Ethereum ERC-20 Contract Address: