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What is Shitcoin’s origin?

Shitcoin is created in the toughest moments of Hiroshi Nakamoto’s life.

Hiroshi was a very hard working man, he came face to face with death.

After series of unsuccessful surgeries he became maim, couple of years later his wife left him for another guy and after about two years he lost his dear in a horrible accident.

This is not the end of the story.

After years of hard work in financial industry, Hiroshi faced bankruptcy because of the commodities market collapse.

Hiroshi was not a quitter, he stood up and built Shitcoin as a symbol of Hope not only for himself but for the people all around the world.

Like so many People Hiroshi experienced hard life full of tears, blood and deep pains both physically and mentally, but beyond this sad story the main concept of life arose from the darkness.

Hiroshi created Shitcoin to spread hope, to show everybody that if he could continue his life after such disasters everybody can do it.

We as ShitcoinCommunity believe that SHIT will be the Number 1 Meme Coin in cryptocurrency industry because of holistic real life concept that lies at its heart.

You may wonder why Hiroshi called it Shitcoin. He named it Shitcoin because after years of hard work he saw shit all over his life!