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What is Shitcoin’s marketing strategy?

Shitcoin’s founder Hiroshi Nakamoto always wanted us not to create transient thrill around SHIT plus he wanted us to move on carefully and gradually in terms of marketing and also Shitcoin’s technology and application development.

Hiroshi wanted Shitcoin to be the long term project instead of pump and dump strategy that most Meme Coins use.

We are going to expand SHIT step by step and market to market until achieving its vision to be the number 1 Meme Coin in cryptocurrency industry.

This is our ultimate desire and marketing strategy.

This is not only the better way than fast growth and hard collapse but also it is an Honest way of creating Wealth for the community.

Shitcoin Is All About Hope.

Shitcoin is the first Hope Oriented Cryptocurrency Token and ShitcoinCommunity is the first cryptocurrency Community that is an advocate of Social Responsibilities especially racial and gender Equality.

Together we can build a strong and consistent community around Shitcoin which is motivated by Hope, Equality, Dream and Hard Work.

We want to build strong united and hope oriented community around Shitcoin that take care about Social Responsibilities as well as wealth.

ShitcoinCommunity want to make history.

We want to be in the cryptocurrency industry forever.

The most important thing is we need each other to get it done.

Please hold on.

Shitcoin is an Honest Project with Honest Community.

Together we will win.