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What is the connection between Human Rights and Shitcoin?

You might be wonder if there is any connection between Human Rights and Shitcoin.

In this post we are going to find out and explain this connection.

What are the basic rights that all human species must have?

All humans must have these basic following rights so called Human Rights regardless of their Race, Sex, Nationality, Ethnicity, Language and Religion:

  • Life
  • Liberty
  • Freedom of opinion and expression
  • Work
  • Education

Does Human Rights respected on a daily basis in the real world?

The answer is no.

Real world is full of discrimination and also claims without notable actions.

Everyday you see political figures talking passionately about Human Rights.

Most of them give speeches that are absurd, Noises without commitment to the real action.

World is full of shit. Everywhere you can see people in difficult conditions.

There are many countries that you can trace massive discrimination especially in terms of race and sex.

For instance consider black people or women daily life, what do you see?

Do you see Equality in your country in terms of race and sex?

Does black and white, men and women treated equally in the society especially at work?

Everybody knows the answer of such questions.

Equality is holy and precious. Every human being must be treated fairly and equally.

Shitcoin relates to Human rights by focusing on Equality concept.

How Equality leads to Hope for the better future?

Equality gives people confidence. People can do much better when they are treated equally. Hope thrives out of Equality and this is Shitcoin’s way of uniting people to gather together around powerful concepts like Equality and Hope.

Cryptocurrencies are related to Equality in various aspects such as Easy Global Transactions without any need for banks and governments.

Thanks to the Blockchain Technology people can easily access to decentralized finance.

Financial freedom is very important but it is just one of the many achievements of Blockchain Technology revolution started by Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin.

In the cryptocurrency industry we can see many Altcoins(Simply every cryptocurrency except Bitcoin!) with hundreds of complex features. Shitcoin is not one of those glorious Altcoins.

Shitcoin is people’s coin. It has a Mission to build Decentralized Free Societies driven by Equality, Hope and Respect. Societies without any type of discrimination.

Humanity can thrive with Hope, Equality and Respect.

We as a ShitcoinCommunity invite you to join this global movement towards the Better Future.

Shitcoin is just a tool. World needs New Order. Let’s shape the Future. We are tougher together.