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What is Shitcoin’s ultimate mission?

Its better to start with the brief history of cryptocurrency revolution before talking about Shitcoin’s ultimate mission.

Bitcoin is created in January 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as a decentralized digital currency. It was changed the world in many respects such as:

  • Bitcoin empowers people to transfer money freely all around the world, it cuts out intermediaries like banks alongside with reducing transaction costs significantly.
  • Bitcoin revolutionized Equality by empowering people that didn’t have access to the international financial institutions because of the hurdles like government sanctions.
  • It gives everybody greater financial privacy because of its brilliant Blockchain technology.
  • BTC is considered as a saving tool because inflation does not decrease its value over time.
  • There are many people in the world that makes millions of dollars by investing in Bitcoin.

What is the relation between Bitcoin and Shitcoin?

Hiroshi followed the path that Satoshi started.

He was created Shitcoin not only as a fast Digital Money but also as a pivot to gather people together around the foundational concepts like Hope and Freedom.

Hiroshi thought that uniting people is crucial for the next digital revolution which is Decentralized Free Societies.

If you look deeply in cryptocurrency industry you will see the main competition is about building faster, more scalable and secure Blockchains.

It seems like many cryptocurrency ecosystem participants forget about Bitcoin’s mission to unite people to build Truly Decentralized Free Societies and live in the New Decentralized Free World.

Building better blockchains is a good idea but Bitcoin is meant to be the symbol of New World Order.

It is almost 14 years after creation of Bitcoin, many people alongside with institutional investors have Bitcoin in their portfolios but why?

Let’s be honest. The answer is making money.

This level of focus on profit not only may ruin the main concept behind Bitcoin’s creation but also may lead to its depreciation as a digital gold in the end.

We as a ShitCoinCommunity are here to revive the main concept of Bitcoin which is uniting people to build Truly Decentralized Societies and live in the New Decentralized Free World.

Everyone all over the world is a piece of the puzzle of New World Order so let’s Change The World together.

As Shitcoin’s ultimate mission we need everyone in order to build Truly Decentralized Societies Together.

People can lead themselves in Truly Decentralized Societies and simultaneously being responsible for their choices.

What we need is New World Order.