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Why SHIT can be the BNB Chain’s Number 1 Gem?

When Hiroshi Nakamoto created Shitcoin on 26 October 2021, he had a bold visions for it.

What are the most important vision’s for Shitcoin?

Hiroshi has 2 important visions for SHIT, initial and ultimate.

He created SHIT on BNB Chain with 2 important visions

  • Shitcoin’s Initial vision is becoming number 1 Meme Coin not only on the BNB Chain ecosystem but also in the whole cryptocurrency industry.
  • The Ultimate Vision is building Fully Decentralized Free Societies alongside with Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrency projects like Vitalik Buterin‘s Ethereum.

What are the main Shitcoin’s competitors?

Two of the Meme Coins with the highest market capital of the current cryptocurrency market are Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, DOGE is a fork of the Litecoin blockchain and SHIB is created on the Ethereum Blockchain.

SHIT can be the first Serious competitor Meme Coin project for DOGE and SHIB.

Why SHIT can be the BNB Chain Gem?

As you know BNB Chain is the most known Blockchain after Ethereum.

Many projects built on BNB Chain because it is fast, innovative and easy to use.

When Shitcoin is created there wasn’t any well known Meme Coin project that was build on BNB Chain, Hiroshi saw this as the future potential for building a game changing Meme Coin project on it.

After Shitcoin creation, Hiroshi passed the project and specially it’s visions to the ShitcoinCommunity.

Shitcoin is an Honest Project that is based on the real life story.

It is Already Number 1 in many items.

SHIT is fast, funny and easy to use, it is an Honest project which is based on the real life story.

Shitcoin is People’s Coin, People loves it because SHIT gives them Hope for the Better Future.

SHIT uses long term Marketing Strategy for it’s development.

ShitcoinCommunity is committed to implementing the Process of making SHIT’s visions happen.

We as a ShitcoinCommunity will never give up on this project until we reach our visions for this diamond which is take the Number 1 place in the Meme Coin category for SHIT as a BNB Chain Gem.

Shitcoin is an Honest Project and Honesty will win.