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What are the similarities and differences between Shitcoin and other Meme Coins?

SHIT is not the only cryptocurrency token in Meme Coins category.

There are lots of Meme Coins out there. Some of them like DOGE and SHIB are cool and made many people rich but on the other hand there are lots of Meme Coins that are failed.

In this article we are going to explore some of the key similarities and differences between Shitcoin and other Meme Coins.

What are the Meme Coins?

Generally every cryptocurrency that is inspired by memes or jokes on the internet and social media called Meme Coin.

What is Shitcoin’s history?

Launched in 26 October 2021 by Hiroshi Nakamoto as a real life based meme.

Shitcoin was inspired by the popular word shit as a symbol of hardships, sufferings and unfortunate events in human species life.

SHIT is inspired by Hiroshi’s real life story which was full of tears, blood and deep pains both physically and mentally.

What are the similarities between Shitcoin and other Meme Coins?

  • Like other Meme Coins SHIT is community driven cryptocurrency token.
  • Either SHIT and other memes are fun and lovely!
  • Most of the memes including SHIT have huge supply. For example SHIB has a total supply of 1 quadrillion tokens and SHIT has a 21 trillion tokens.
  • Because of their huge supply almost all of them are cheap to buy, You can buy lots of tokens with only one dollar!
  • All of the crypto memes carries high financial risk.
  • Almost all of them build on the other’s blockchain. For example SHIB is created on Ethereum Blockchain, DOGE derived from Litecoin and SHIT is created on the BNB Chain.
  • Almost every Meme Coin including Shitcoin have a very simple White Paper with just couple of pages introducing the structure.

What are the differences between Shitcoin and other Meme coins specially Shibatoken and Dogecoin?

  • At the moment almost every Meme Coin in the market is highly volatile conversely SHIT is less volatile because of its long term prospect.
  • Many of the dominant Meme Coins are mostly dog memes or sometimes cat! SHIT is not an other dog and cat meme.
  • Shitcoin is a concept beyond money. It is inspired by the real life story of Hiroshi Nakamoto. It is about the toughness and Hope for the better future. Other memes are not conceptual in the way that SHIT is. They are superficial and mostly about making money.
  • ShitCoinCommunity not only believes in ‌Bitcoin’s ultimate mission which is Decentralized Free Societies that lives in the Decentralized Free World but also is created to pursue that mission.
  • Shitcoin is an advocate of the main social responsibilities especially racial and gender equality, others are mostly concentrated on making money.
  • Commonly we can see lots of pumps and dumps on well-known memes on the other hand we don’t see such actions in SHIT.

As we explained above there are many interesting Meme Coin projects out there.

Many of them just looking forward to make money for their communities on the other hand some of them are looking beyond making money.

Shitcoin is not only about making people rich but also it is connected to the concepts like Hope and social responsibilities especially racial and gender Equality.

We as the ShitcoinCommunity believes that together we can Change The World and make it better place to Live, Love and Grow.