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Which Blockchain does Shitcoin built on?

Shitcoin is a BNB Chain-based BEP-20 token. It is created on and hosted by the BNB Chain Blockchain.

You may ask what are the benefits of BNB Chain Technology for Shitcoin?

  • BNB Chain comes out on top in two crucial features, Transaction speed and cost. Block confirmation time on BNB Chain takes only about three seconds and the platform can handle an average of 55 to 60 transactions per second. It means that Shitcoin inherently handle very fast and cheap transactions. Shitcoin is so much faster than top Meme Coins in the cryptocurrency industry and as a result SHIT is going to be serious competitor for them.
  • The BNB Chain network and the algorithm it operates on are indeed very safe. The track record of BNB Chain clean of incidents or hacks shows that there are no known vulnerabilities or attack vectors that could be abused on the blockchain itself. Shitcoin transactions are safe and secure because of its Blockchain features.

As we mentioned Shitcoin transactions are fast and secure because it is created on the well-known BNB Chain Blockchain that has these two significant features.