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Can Shitcoin considered as a Digital Money?

First let’s take a brief look at the characteristics of the standard Digital Money.

What are the most important characteristics of Digital Money?

  • Digital Money only exists in electronic form so it is only accessible by mobile phones or computers
  • Usually it doesn’t need intermediaries.
  • It can make transaction costs very cheap.
  • Digital Money enable seamless transfer of value as well as seamless transactions across borders. For instance someone located in the India can make payment in Digital Money to his/her peer residing at North Korea.
  • Digital and physical money have similar utilities. Both can be used to purchase goods and pay for services.
  • They can use as a tool for transferring value. The good example is gaming tokens that can provide players with superpowers.
  • Digital Money is extremely fast in terms of transaction speed.

What are the common types of Digital Money?

  1. Cryptocurrencies
    They use cryptography for securing and verifying transactions in a
    network. Cryptocurrencies also created by cryptography.
  2. Virtual Currencies
    They are controlled by developers or founding organizations. The best example for virtual currency is a gaming network token that controlled by developer or algorithms.
  3. Central Banks Digital Currencies(CBDCs)
    They are issued by the central bank of a country and also they are regulated. Unlike fiat currency CBDCs only exists in a digital form.


Shitcoin can be considered as a Digital Money. Here are the reasons:

  • Shitcoin is extremely fast because it is created on BSC Blockchain.
  • You didn’t need intermediaries like banks to transfer it.
  • SHIT transaction costs are very low(almost zero).
  • You can easily purchase goods and also pay for services with SHIT.
  • You can use Shit as a payment tool across the borders.

In terms of Digital Money types Shitcoin is categorized as a cryptocurrency because not only it is created by cryptography but also it uses cryptography for securing and verifying transactions on its network.