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Why Shitcoin is here to stay?

Shitcoin is born out of the darkness and disappointment for the Light and Hope.

What are the strengths of Shitcoin project that makes it unique and lasting?

  • Shitcoin is like a cult that introduces Hope and Unity.
  • Created with empty hands and a heart full of courage and Hope not only because of making money for all but also for the unity of people all around world for a Better Future.
  • Not another dog Meme Coin!
  • It is the most unique Meme Coin ever in the cryptocurrency industry and it is not for pump and dump!
  • SHIT is the concept and It shares tough moments of Real Life.
  • Shitcoin Gather People all together for a better future that is full of Hope, Wealth and Happiness.
  • There are billions of People all over the world that experiencing various types of difficulties on a daily basis. Men and women that were lost their family or fortune as well as people that are struggling with diseases and disabilities, not only they are going to like SHIT but also they are going to feel its unique concept.

Shitcoin in not going to solve all difficulties and pains around the world.

Shitcoin it is created to bring Hope back to the people.

Satoshi Nakamoto started a revolution with creating Bitcoin as the superior substitute for money and savings. It is also a concept of Hope for the better future in the Decentralized Free Societies.

Bitcoin tried to take power from the few hands and spread it to the People all around the world.

Like Bitcoin, Shitcoin is the product of decentralized view of the future, it is categorized as the Cryptocurrency Meme Coin.

SHIT has the concept of Bitcoin at its heart which is transferring power from few hands to the people all around the world.

It Is Not Temporary.